AGM International Sales

Printing / Packaging
( Hyderabad / Secunderabad )

Lead Optical Fibre Roll out (O&M)

( Africa )

Application & Service Engineer

( Delhi )

GM and AGM operations (production)

Textiles / Garments / Accessories
( Delhi/NCR )

DGM Commercial underwriter

( Delhi,Pune ,Mumbai,Hyderabad )

Sr. Manager Accounts & taxation

( Sholapur )



Our consultancy philosophy is driven by our conviction that our value to the clients lies as much in our experience and in our extensive network as in our knowledge and understanding of the issues at hand. In practice this means that we tend to work with the client rather than simply for the client.

We consider an assignment a success when the suggestions, ideas, methods and initiatives that we develop together with the client are widely incorporated across the organization and activities of the client. And when measurable progress has been achieved and improvements have been realized in relation to the objectives of the assignment undertaken.

When you work as a freelancer for ORBIT Global HR Consultants LLP, you're not just working for a great IT consultancy company. You're joining our happy crew. It's a great place to work. Sounds all too familiar. But here at ORBIT Global HR Consultants LLP we really mean it. We organise a broad range of social activities to provide you with a stimulating and dynamic setting in which you can blossom, rise to the challenge and show our clients and us what you're made of. And have a blast at the same time. How crazy is that!
Personal Growth
We look at your individual capabilities and help define a career path exclusively for you. You will be assigned a personal coach to discuss technical or personal issues. Because that's what the best teams do! Support and motivate each other.
Professional But Pleasant
ORBIT Global HR Consultants LLP focuses on providing you a professional working atmosphere where you will feel at home.
The Orbit Advantage

Orbit is becoming a "Corporate-hold" name as more and more companies are beginning to focus on corporate governance to have an edge in today's competitive and volatile labour market.

  • A Trusting Corporate partner
  • Compliances expertise
  • HR verticals integration
  • Technology integration with best of security features
  • Error free and timely processing
  • Cost saving for technology up-gradation at the client-end
  • Cost reduction as many of the administrative tasks are taken care of by Catapult
  • Real-time reports at anytime, anywhere
  • Excellent rapport with labour authorities across the country

We collaborate closely with our customers and their technical teams to help them to develop advanced products that yield superior performance. Our technology excellence is backed by rigorous processes that ensure reliability, consistency and quality through product development to end delivery.

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