AGM International Sales

Printing / Packaging
( Hyderabad / Secunderabad )

Lead Optical Fibre Roll out (O&M)

( Africa )

Application & Service Engineer

( Delhi )

GM and AGM operations (production)

Textiles / Garments / Accessories
( Delhi/NCR )

DGM Commercial underwriter

( Delhi,Pune ,Mumbai,Hyderabad )

Sr. Manager Accounts & taxation

( Sholapur )



Outsourcing is the management and/or day-to-day execution of a business function by a third party service provider. Outsourcing can be provided on or off premises, in the same country or in a separate country. Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO), then takes outsourcing one more step to a specific department, in this case HR or personnel. RPO, also known as Employment Process Outsourcing is that subset of BPO which is very new, few people have heard of it, and only a handful offer it. Argus Search is a helping drive the market and is a leader in the Recruitment Process Outsourcing industry.

We at 'Orbit By RPO, a leading service provider of Offshore Recruitment Process Outsourcing in India, recognize the importance of the expertise of recruitment in an ever changing economic scenario. Our strategy is focused upon results-driven RPO services and Solutions applicable to a diverse range of organizations. We have the resources and talent to manage recruitment process from the beginning to end. We also manage your recruitment needs, both locally and globally.
Our RPO consulting provide you the following services:
Recruitment Process Outsourcing: Get an Offshore Research Specialist:
If you already have an internal recruitment established, then Orbit By RPO can provide you an Offshore Research Specialist. Primary tasks accomplished:
a) Analysis of Positions and Requirements: Our team will chalk out detailed plan to analyze the positions and will proceed in a well planned manner.
b) Candidate Research: We will do research on the internal database as provided by your organization.
Recruitment Process Outsourcing: Get an Offshore Recruitment Manager: If your organization is hiring 5+ employees consistently, then Orbit By RPO can provide you an offshore recruitment manager, capable of working independently or in a supporting role to your existing recruitment department. His primary tasks are:
a) Analysis of Positions and Requirements: Scrutiny of various resumes and collecting the most relevant and useful portfolios for exact match of your company's HR requirement.
c) Candidate Screening: Building an ongoing candidate pipeline using research, with access to your internal database or ATS & Job Boards (dice, monster, Career Builder...etc)
d) Setting Up Interview: We will accomplish basic tasks like setting up interviews for the potential candidates according to guidelines for optimal performance and scalability.
e) Reference Check: To flush out fake candidates we do foolproof reference check for all the candidates and thus help you save on time.
f) Issuing Job Offer: We work in tandem with your HR department to issue job offers and perform other several mandatory checks and verifications. g) Acceptance & Joining : After all the formalities and verifications are completed, our Offshore Recruitment Team finishes the work with the final acceptance and issuing joining letters to all the approved candidates.
Apart from providing above mentioned services Orbit By RPO also provides 'Offshore Recruitment Team', which is a combination of Offshore Research Specialist and Offshore Recruitment Manager. If your organization is into mass hiring of atleast 10 or more employees every month, then our Offshore Recruitment Team will provide you the exact solutions, which you need to sustain growth and maintain quality, both at the same time.
Our RPO company is always working hard to provide exceptional recruitment base solutions for small as well as large enterprises, channeling customized processes for each unique business line. We always strive to deliver path breaking service, which relieves the managment from strechous HR related efforts, and enable them to focus more on the core intricaties of the business, to assure better and faster growth. All the proven best practices of the recruitment process currently followed in your organziation is closly worked upon to embed out cutting edge technological tools to bring out the most exhuberant results, which prove to the shining armour of your enterprise.

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