AGM International Sales

Printing / Packaging
( Hyderabad / Secunderabad )

Lead Optical Fibre Roll out (O&M)

( Africa )

Application & Service Engineer

( Delhi )

GM and AGM operations (production)

Textiles / Garments / Accessories
( Delhi/NCR )

DGM Commercial underwriter

( Delhi,Pune ,Mumbai,Hyderabad )

Sr. Manager Accounts & taxation

( Sholapur )



Shortened timeframes, unique skill-set requirements, or the need for stringent internal controls may force you to look for a partner who can make your objectives an operational reality. Orbit's Staffing Services services are modeled around providing you with a team that will seamlessly integrate with your organization. This provides you with resources and the internal control required to meet your technology objectives. It is a collaborative onsite model with the value addition of a project manager, analyst, and lead designer or developer to give you the benefit of the right resources with the control you would exercise over an in-house team. If you are looking to minimize risk, administration, and recruitment costs then Staffing Services is the answer. Get in touch with Orbit to learn more on how to leverage the experience and knowledge of our resources, to make your technology objectives a reality.

Project Based Hirring provides for a flexible, cost-effective and quick solution for your staffing needs. We have proven expertise, innovation, flexibility and access to resource to meet an organization's Project Based Hirring needs. Project Based Hirring practice is suitable for organizations who need additional and dedicated resources for immediate project requirements. Orbit Jobs has the resources and infrastructure to mobilize a single person or an entire workforce based on the client's need, and deliver to their expectations.Orbit Jobs also offers advice and consultancy in planning your short term, specific project or seasonal staffing requirements.

Hiring strategically on a project-by-project basis can benefit your business. Acquisition of talent becomes a variable expense rather than a fixed payroll cost, allowing you maximum flexibility in a rapidly changing business environment. You can focus in on the specific expertise needed for a particular project for exactly the period of time it is needed, thereby maximizing your return on human capital investment. Contract workers can begin working in a matter of days instead of the weeks or months it typically takes to recruit and hire permanent employees. Furthermore, many companies have found that the use of project-based talent can help minimize burnout and increase retention of permanent staff by reducing workloads.

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